Wieder Beschiss mit Vorschussbetrug

Diesmal leiert jemand erst eine Mitleidsmasche…….. und will natürlich gleich die Kontonummer wissen. Komisch, nicht wahr?

I am Miss Rachi Alimih , 22yrs old and have lost my parents, from Abidjan in Cote D'Ivoire a country in Africa,It was people that plotted the death of my father,he revealed this tome before his death and my mother was a late since when i was a baby and am the only daughter and child of my parents.

Now I really need your assistant on relocation and recovery of my inheritance which i will like you to provide an account which my inheritance can be transfered into , So that i can come over to your country , continue my education ,set up an investment& be living peacefully. The amount is US 10.5M dollars ,it was kept in a bank.

While 15percent will be for you and 5percent for any miscellaneous expenses u may incurred in the process,valid documents of proofs are with me, If really serious to help me out of this scenario, pls get back to me for more details of my intention to be explained.

Thanks in advance,
Rachi Alimih.

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